Black Friday 2021: Designer Kids Clothes At Kathryns

The Black Friday event is almost here at Kathryns!

It’s that time of year once more, and Kathyns are joining the Black Friday festivities with items from our collection of designer children’s clothes going up for sale.

When is Black Friday 2021?

Black Friday falls on the 26th of November in 2021, and always falls on the last Friday of November each year.

When is Black Friday at Kathryns?

This year, our Black Friday sale will be starting on Friday the 26th of November and it will run through until Cyber Monday on the 29th of November. 

Visit Kathryns instore or online during this time to check out what exciting deals we have for you. 

What is the Black Friday sale?

Black Friday is a term that comes from the United States and it’s a shop clearance event that follows Thanksgiving. This is known as the start of the Christmas shopping season. 

In order to make room for the Christmas products and clear the previous season’s products, many companies in the US are bringing in massive discounts to their customers. Normally the Black Friday event will take place on the last Friday of November.

Ever since the 1980s and 90s, Black Friday has been known for heavily discounted products as well as lots of people striving to surpass one another just so they can acquire the much-wanted discount.

Why do they call it Black Friday?

The name Black Friday originated in Philidelphia in the 1960’s, and the term was used by the Police & bus drivers to describe the heavy traffic that would be on the road. This is because American’s visited the shops after Thanksgiving.In 2021, you don’t have to worry about traffic! You can take advantage of the Black Friday designer kidswear deals online with Kathryns.

What can you expect from Kathyns during our Black Friday event?

We are bringing in a massive selection of heavily discounted products for all our customers. These include products from some of the biggest brands in the world of designer children’s clothing, including Boss, Fendi, Kenzo & more.

Also, we are offering a range of flexible payment options for your Black Friday purchases, meaning taking advantage of the Black Friday sale at Kathryns has never been easier.

You can get this great offer both in-store and online too. All you have to do is to stay up to date with the offers via our newsletter, come to the store or just browse our website during the Black Friday event. 

We are very excited to share more information soon about all our Black Friday sales, and if you have questions don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Kathryns team today!