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Traditional Baby Names Making a Return in 2024

by Team Kathryns 17 Jan 2024

When thinking about baby names, many parents-to-be will look to trends and seek inspiration from pop culture. Celebrity names, including the names A-listers give their children, are common influences, as well as successful new movies and TV shows. So, which baby names are on the rise for expectant parents in 2024?

The Kathryns team have researched the biggest pop culture moments that will likely emerge this year and used recent search data to predict which names will be popular through 2024. 

To save you from scrolling through endless baby name videos on TikTok, we have shared the names we think will be huge in 2024, based on our research. We have divided these up into categories so you can easily find some inspo!

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Timeless and Traditional

Classic traditional names are becoming more fashionable in the UK, and recent search data suggests they are set to surge in popularity this year.

Some of the traditional girl names that are trending are Penelope, Victoria and Eliza. The name ‘Penelope’ has seen an 83% increase in searches since November 2023 and has an average of 12,200 monthly searches. An alternative and shortened version of Penelope is ‘Penny’, which has also increased in searches over the last three months by 49%!

Alternatives to the name Elizabeth have also regained some popularity, which could be due to the passing of Queen Elizabeth in September 2022, and Netflix recently releasing the final season of ‘The Crown’ at the end of 2023. For example, the name ‘Eliza’ has increased by 22% since November. Like Eliza, the name ‘Victoria’ is also back in style, with an 82% increase in searches. These names will always be classics with their ties to royalty and history!

When looking into classic names for boys, some that have gained more attention recently are Stanley, Ronnie and Archie. The name ‘Ronnie’ shot up in searches by 174% since November 2023, showing a significant rise in popularity going into 2024.

The names ‘Stanley’ and ‘Archie’ each had 45,000 monthly searches, with an increase of 122% for Stanley, and a 124% increase for Archie since November. This growth indicates a trend in parents opting for a classic and timeless name over a more modern and unique name. However, over time these names have started to become less fashionable, so by jumping on this growing trend now, these names will appear more unique compared to many other reoccurring names from the past few decades.

A baby girl wearing a white dress with a pink hat

Unisex and Unique

When it comes to recent trending baby names, many parents have opted for stylish and unique names, which are often gender-neutral. Having gender-neutral names on your list is always beneficial if you are waiting until birth to find out the sex of your child or raising your child gender-neutral.

The name ‘Tatum’ has grown in popularity, with a 125% increase in searches since November 2023 and a 50% yearly increase. Khloe Kardashian may have triggered this surge by revealing ‘Tatum’ as her son’s name over one year after his birth. Another unique Kardashian name that gained a spark in searches is ‘Reign’ — the name of Kourtney Kardashian’s third child with Scott Disick. With a recent increase of 83% to an average of 27,100 monthly searches, Reign is set to be a trending name further into 2024. 

Another gender-neutral name in the spotlight is ‘Riot’ after Rihanna named her baby boy Riot Rose in August 2023. Since then, the name has increased in searches by 22%, with a 49% yearly increase. With Rihanna’s strong fanbase, we could see this name trending even more in 2024 as there are many rumours of Rihanna releasing new music this year and making a huge comeback!

a women holding a baby wrapped in a beige blanket

Names Written in the Stars

Celebrities and cinema have a huge influence on what many parents name their children, this could be down to which celebrity they admire, or a name from their favourite film. Celebrity names are constantly circulating in the media and many of us consume news daily — so this is bound to have an influence with new names breaking into the industry all the time.

The name ‘Margot’ has increased by 124% in searches since November 2023. With the success of last year’s Barbie movie, which is nominated for many awards this year, it is no shock that the actress, Margot Robbie, has had a significant impact on the zeitgeist! Nevertheless, Margot is a timeless and elegant name for any baby and a great choice for any new parents in 2024.

Taylor Swift is not just taking over the music industry with her sold-out worldwide stadium Eras Tour, but the names of her songs are also influencing new parents-to-be.

Since the release of the pop star’s 2020 song ‘Betty’, the timeless and classic name has regained attention after being uncommon for generations. Searches for ‘Betty’ were up by 82%  and had an average of 27,100 monthly searches, showing its potential to continue trending throughout 2024.

Towards the end of 2023, the birth of Paris Hilton’s baby girl, London, sparked a lot of media attention about the name itself. There has since been a 50% increase in searches since November, with an impressive monthly average of 550,000. However, a portion of these searches are likely for the capital city, London. Nevertheless, this shows the strength of Paris Hilton’s influence stretches further than her 26.1 million followers on social media. The name is a bold and unique, gender-neutral option and will certainly have your child standing out amongst the rest!

a baby in a white robe laying on a bed

Whether it is a timeless classic name making a return or a recent celebrity’s baby name that has caught attention, there are endless possibilities for 2024 baby name trends.

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