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Kenzo Spring Summer 2020 Collection

by Team Kathryns 21 Jan 2020

It’s Kenzo Kids party time with the arrival of the new spring summer 2020 collection right here at Kathryn’s.  Prepare your kids for a dance extravaganza where fun, vibrancy and dance are the key elements to this collection.

Inspired by the strong silhouettes of the Kenzo catwalks, it takes the joyful tribe of Kenzo kids on a unique journey. From Asian fireworks to the most beautiful Californian pool parties, via a disco stopover in the middle of the jungle.

Dragon Collection

The celebration starts powerfully, led by the two most commanding animals of Chinese mythology: the phoenix and the dragon. They inspire graphic and iconic figures, they invite cobalt blue, lemon yellow, orange and pure red hues to go on the contrasting black and white backgrounds, at the pace of maxi polka-dots or tiny comets.

For girls, the king of birds shows itself in the best light. It flies all-over on poplin, satin, seersucker and even on recycled nylon fabrics, resulting in figures where dressy details shake the workwear style up joyfully. For boys, the main star is the dragon. It flies high, waving in the rising sun or under the light of comets, surrounded by blue and red colours.

Disco Jungle Collection

The Disco jungle collection offers lots of unique, bright clothes to help your little one feel like king of the jungle out this spring/summer. Party goes on in the heart of nature, in a bright and graphic jungle, with a very charismatic star guest: the elephant. Kenzo Takada’s favourite animal joins the tiger’s joyful group of friends to bring them luck and happiness! The futuristic disco touch uses materials with metallic reflects and fluid shapes. For girls, white colour and silver flounces create light and festive shapes where the animals give their colourful touch. For boys, the jungle pattern is printed on a black or white background, and the bright and minty green hues are always present, reflecting the backdrop of nature.

Two key pieces being sold by Kathryn’s in the new Kenzo spring/summer collection are bound to make your little ones the talk of the fashion town.

For boys there’s an amazing souvenir jacket with cool blues the perfect background for a ferociously bright orange and red dragon printed on one side and a funky Chinese dragon symbol carved in black on the back ground of a distractive red circle.  While the iconic Kenzo name is draped on the jacket on both front and back to shout out the quality of the item.

A steal at only £106.00 this will leave your children feeling empowered and uplifted.

Keeping cool as a cucumber in the jungle with a cobalt blue-sky sweatshirt emblazoned with the coolest tiger emblem will be bound to keep your little fashionistas happy. Machine washable at 30 degrees and 100 per cent cotton there’s no reason not to snap up this sweatshirt, part of the new Kenzo, collection at only £106

Kathryn’s Liverpool are an authorised UK Kenzo Kids Stockist proud to bring you the latest Spring Summer 2020 Collection

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