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Still Here For You During Lockdown

by Team Kathryns 24 Apr 2020

Needless to say, things are a little bit strange in the world at the moment. No matter where you live in the UK, you are going to find yourself at home in what is known as “lockdown” this is to protect us from the Covid-19 virus that is claiming lives around the globe, as well as give our NHS the best possible chance of being able to offer those who are suffering with the best treatment.

Some are in lockdown on their own, some are with friends and some are with family. It doesn’t matter what situation you find yourself in, the one thing to remember is that we are all in this together.

Here at Kathryns, it is business as somewhat normal during these current times.

We say this, because whilst we are still open and sending you the very best in children’s designer wear, we are definitely operating in a completely different way to how we normally would.

Our online store is open as it normally would be, in fact, there really has been no better time to try and grab yourself a bargain, thanks to the fact that we have a rather impressive mid-season sale on at the moment. You can get up to 20% off Monnalisa items and there is also up to 20% off of the Chloe brand too.

Any orders that are made on our website will be sent out on a daily basis and they will be fulfilled as soon as they can after being ordered and paid for.

Of course, as well as offering you a great level of service, we also want to protect those who are working for us during these brand new and unprecedented times. Every single member of staff who is working within our business is preparing orders whilst also adhering to the social distancing guidelines. We offer them the opportunity to access plenty of hand gel within the warehouse, which allows them to remain safe and hygienic during their working day.

We love seeing our customers on social media during these times and encourage you to join the others online and share your pictures. We love seeing what you have been up to and how the range here at Kathryns has helped to put a smile on your faces too.

We couldn’t end this blog without taking the chance to say thank you to all the key workers who are currently on the front-line. Whether they are working as postmen or ladies, whether they are NHS workers, care workers and delivery people, or perhaps they are in supermarkets ensuring that we have food to buy. Every single person is appreciated and we know that without you all, we would never be able to run our business as well as feel safe in the knowledge that we are all in safe hands.

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