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Back To School Clothes Ideas For Boys & Girls

by Team Kathryns 10 Sep 2021

Going back to school after a long time away can be a daunting thing for your little one, with the anticipation of meeting new people, trying new things, and going outside of their comfort zone.

It’s difficult to control your child's worries of going back to school (or even starting at a new school!), one thing we can control is that they're dressed for the occasion. If your child is looking smart and feeling comfortable in what they’re wearing, they’ll be more than prepared for the exciting times ahead!

That’s why Kathryns are here to help. We’ve taken a look through our collection and handpicked some of our favourite items that will be smart, comfortable, and most importantly - suit your child’s school uniform policy.

Back to school clothes for girls

Your baby girl going back to school is definitely a challenge for daughter and parent, but you can be confident that she’s feeling comfortable and ready to learn dressed in any of the following items.

Back to school coats for girls

With winter fast approaching, it’s vital that your little one has a gorgeous winter coat in her wardrobe so that her time in the playground is both warm and comfortable.

Here’s a selection of warm, winter coats that will more than do the trick to keep your little girl warm. 

Monnalisa girls grey puffer coat

monnalisa girls grey puffer coat

This grey puffer coat from Monnalisa has the perfect balance of warmth, stylishness and practicality.

The coat is made with soft, silky nylon, and a satin lining. The cuffs are knitted and ribbed, ensuring that maximum comfort and warmth is guaranteed.

The front pockets fasten with a zip, and the elasticated belt is also removable. 

Oilily girls pink cave floral puffer coat

Oilily Girls Pink Cave Floral Puffer Coat

This stylish, pink, floral coat from Oilily is a little more out-there than the previous Monnalisa coat, however is definitely something to consider if your little girl has a big personality. 

The beautiful floral print of this coat is a showstopper in the playground, but also comes with all the benefits of keeping your baby girl warm and comfortable in the winter months.

Back to school shoes for girls

With school uniforms being fairly strict on the type of shoes that your little one can wear, please make sure you read the school uniform guidelines before purchasing some new school shoes for your daughter.

The shoes we’re about to recommend should be perfect to suit every school uniform policy, so we’ve ensured every pair we recommend is smart, black and comfortable.

Mini Melissa lace-up black shoes

mini melissa mini melissa lace up

This pair of Mini Melissa’s lace-up black shoes are the perfect addition to your little girl’s school uniform.

They’re cute, stylish and practical to ensure that school, yourself and most importantly your little girl will be happy walking around school in these shoes.

Rap black patent leather shoes

rap shoes black patent leather shoe

Rap’s patent leather shoes are simply gorgeous, and the perfect footwear for your little girl.

Made with leather, this pair of shoes will be extremely durable and last your little one until their feet have grown ready for a new pair.

The chunky sole and exposed stitching adds an extra level of fine detailing to this beautiful pair of school shoes.

Our range of back to school clothing and accessories will be sure to cover your girl’s needs, whether you’re looking for a warm winter coat, a pair of cute black shoes, or a trendy bag, you’ll be able to find it at Kathryns.

Back to school clothes for boys

Dressing your little man in comfort and style is one way to shake off those back to school nerves. 

If you’re not yet ready to go back to school, then we’re sure Kathryns will be able to help you find something your little man will love. 

Back to school coats for boys

Winter months are on the horizon, so it’s essential your boy has a warm, comfortable coat. 

Kathryns have a wonderful range of winter coats perfect for keeping your little one warm.

We’ve ensured that both of these coats are plain, black yet stylish, so they should fit right in with your school's uniform policy.

KENZO KIDS boys black puffer jacket

Kenzo Kids Boys Black Puffer Jacket

This Kenzo black boy’s coat is the perfect playground accessory for keeping your little man comfortable and trendy.

Designed to be a little more out there with ‘KENZO’ branding across the sleeves, this coat is perfect for school as well as a cold weekend.

Made with materials designed to keep your little man as warm as possible, you can have confidence that he won’t feel cold whilst out in the playground.

HUGO BOSS boys black puffer jacket

BOSS Boys Black Puffer Jacket

The HUGO BOSS boys puffer jacket is an essential wardrobe item for any schoolboy.

Stylish and simple, your little man is in safe hands with this classic HUGO BOSS jacket, and the simple design and branding will fit into any school uniform policy.

Back to school bags for boys

An accessory that every schoolboy needs, a bag is an essential item that has to be big enough to stow away possessions, be super comfortable to wear, and look cool in the playground. 

Luckily for you and your little man, the following bags tick every box. 

HUGO BOSS boys school bag


Boss Boys Black School Bag

This HUGO BOSS satchel like bag has been a favourite of the schoolboy for years and continues to be popular as the years go by.

This classic item is perfect for carrying school books and lunch and is the perfect bag for a schoolboy in the UK.

Kenzo boys black elephant rucksack

kenzo kids boys black elephant rucksack

The Kenzo boys black elephant rucksack is definitely a showstopper. 

This item has all the practicality of the classic rucksack, however, it’s urban design and finish will make your little man stand out from the crowd.

Complete with a handy zipped component at the font, combining practicality with style means your little man will love this backpack for years to come. 

We’ve got lots of choices for your little man here at Kathryns, so if he needs a cool PE kit, a winter coat, or a cool backpack, you’ll find it in our collection. 

Not got all of your little ones back to school clothes yet?

Still yet to get everything for your little one going back to school? 

Kathryns are here to help.

In our range of childrens designer clothing, we’re sure you’ll find what you’re looking for to send your little one back to school happily.

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