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5 ideas what to do with your outgrown kids clothes

by Team Kathryns 14 Jul 2021

If you have a stack of outgrown kids' clothes taking up space in their wardrobe, it’s probably time to declutter and decide what to do with the garments that no longer fit them.

There are bound to be a few items that you can’t bear to part with – their first pair of shoes, or a special occasion dress that are destined for safekeeping in a memory box.  But if you’re looking for ideas on what to do with the rest of your used kid’s clothes, read on for some inspiration and ideas on what to do from the Kathryns team.

Pass old kids clothes to their younger siblings

siblings clothes

Hand-me-downs are a fabulous way to make sure outgrown kids' clothing can be loved all over again. 

Preloved fashion is a real buzzword right now as we all try to find ways to create a sustainable future, and the fashion industry can certainly contribute to a more ethical planet.

Buying ethical and high-quality clothing that will last long after your child outgrows the item is just one thing you can do to combat the ecological consequences of ‘fast fashion’. This gives you the pleasure of seeing every child from your eldest to youngest looking cute in their hand-me-downs.

Even the Royal Family are passing on clothing. A cute, unisex Fina cardigan has been worn in photos of Prince George and Princess Charlotte – and we’re betting it’ll soon be handed down to Prince Louis, the youngest child of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, too.

Donate outgrown kids clothes to help others

donate clothes to charity

Children grow fast – and many parents are unsure what to do with clothes that no longer fit their little one. 

One way you can clear out the clothing clutter and help those when they need it the most  is to donate the garments to a local women’s refuge centre or baby bank.

Over the last eighteen months, the impact of the pandemic has seen a rise in the number of families concerned about affording essential clothing for their kids. Baby banks are similar to food banks, as they accept donations of old and outgrown kids clothes, toys and equipment.

Everything donated gets passed to families that need support - so donating old clothes and games that are no longer used is a great way to help others.

Make a keepsake

quilt from old clothes

A favourite item of outgrown clothing could also be turned into a memorable keepsake. 

If a special blouse or t-shirt has sentimental value, or simply has a great pattern or print that your child loved, then give the garment a new lease of life by turning it into a stuffed toy.

There are specialist companies that will take your clothing and turn them into a teddy bear that can be cherished for a lifetime. 

If you have lots of clothing items that you can’t bear to part with, then why not turn them into a quilt? 

Since the start of the pandemic, many people have picked up sewing as a new hobby! If you’re one of the nation’s sewers, why not put your skills to the test and design a quilt from old kids clothes.

Simply cut the fabric into neat squares and sew them together. 

Sell old kids clothes on preloved kids clothing sites

sell kids clothes online

Selling outgrown kids clothes on popular websites such as Dotte or Sweet Pea is an effortless way to make money on the garments your child will no longer wear. 

Most companies expect you to wash the clothes before packing them and pay either by the kilo – or by the item - with designer items from brands such as Fendi, BOSS and Monnalisa commanding a higher price.

You can then use the money you make to invest in some new season clothes in a larger size!

Decluttering doesn’t have to be a chore

Clearing out your child’s wardrobe is a task that should be undertaken every season. Kids grow so fast that if you leave it too long between each decluttering session, you’ll have a mammoth job on your hands.

declutter kids wardrobe

With a little time and planning, those garments that your child can no longer wear can be repurposed, recycled or donated to someone in need, leaving enough space in the wardrobe for you to start planning your child’s next clothing collection.

Looking to restock your little one’s wardrobe?

Now you’re made more room in your kids’ wardrobe, and you’re looking for some clothing that your growing little one will fit into, what better place to look at than Kathryns?

Get some great inspiration for your child’s next favourite outfit at our Kathryns online store and take advantage of our buy now, pay later schemes and price match guarantee.

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