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Coleen Rooney Shares Her Style Secrets & How She Loves To Dress Her Boys

by Team Kathryns 28 Jan 2022

Coleen Rooney discusses her favourite childrenswear designers and must-have brands for your little ones in an exclusive interview with Kathryns.

Coleen Rooney’s name and face are synonymous with style and fashion. But there’s so much more to this lady. Her rise to fame in her own right has been the result of her down to earth and approachable demeanour as well as always looking fabulous but ‘real’ at the same time.

As a parent to her three sons Kai, Klay & Kit, we see Coleen as one of us. 

Her kids and family come first and we can relate to the struggles of parenting - albeit Coleen has the advantage of being married to one of the most famous footballers in the world, Wayne Rooney, who she married in 2008.

Seemingly unaffected by fame and fortune, we can imagine grabbing a coffee after the school run with this stylish yummy mummy, if only so that we can steal some of her styles and keep fit tips!

At Kathryn’s Childrenswear, we are lucky enough to see Coleen on a regular basis as she visits our Liverpool store to update her boys’ wardrobes. 

Therefore, we took full advantage and stole a few minutes of her time to ask a few questions. She very kindly agreed to a chat and was, just as we expected, absolutely lovely.

You are a TV presenter, model, columnist, footballer’s wife and of course a parent too to your three children. How do you find juggling parenting with your busy life?

I have a fantastic family around me who help out so much with the children. I am lucky because I do get to spend a lot of time with them, making memories and watching them grow, as my work is not a constant 9-5 job. I appreciate that.

If you could pick a perfect day, what would you do and whom would you spend it with?

I love my holidays as most people know. So my perfect day would be in Barbados, on the beach watching the sunset with all the family, while the kids play in the sea until it goes dark!!

What has been your favourite children’s designer this season?

I have always loved buying children's clothes, even before I had any children myself. I always buy cute outfits for my friends and families kids, for birthdays and Christmas.

As for my boys, I've always tried to dress them as young as I can, until I can't get away with it! Baby blue is my favourite of the younger ones and brands like Tartine et Chocolat and Tutu Piccolo do some beautiful pieces.

Then as they get older they want to dress more casual and cooler I've found Little Marc Jacobs, Kenzo and Fendi are great for this.

What is your favourite piece this season?

Kai and Klay looked gorgeous recently in the green Fendi outfit.... the material in the shorts and jacket is so nice.

Kit looked really cute in the Kenzo Tshirt and dungarees.

Do the boys have a particular style they prefer, or like most boys, do they love to wear their favourite football kits?

Yes my oldest is obsessed with football kits and would wear them all the time if he could. So when buying Kai now, I buy more casual, trendy pieces and lots of tracksuits. Klay and Kit are fine with whatever I put them in.

Do you let the boys choose their own outfits?

Not really haha! Kai might do now and again but he's most likely to choose a football kit. I enjoy prepping the children's clothes and co-ordinating shoes and socks to match.

You look fantastic, how do you go about keeping fit and healthy?

I do train hard throughout the week, but I have to, so I can enjoy treats and alcohol! I am naturally curvy and can easily put weight on.

I go to the gym 3-4 times a week, doing weights and interval training. I also do reformer pilates which I love!

I eat quite healthy Monday to Friday (although I do pick at the kids food and treats!!) but at a weekend I look forward to a takeaway and a glass of wine or a meal out.

What’s your favourite food & place to eat right now?

Chinese food! My favourite is a Restaurant in Manchester called Wings.

Do you have any secrets or tips to looking after yourself?

Don't be too hard on yourself!

Be confident with your body and make sure you dress for your body shape.

Emphasise your best parts.

I have become to love exercise and always feel good after a session. And of course a balanced diet and lots of water.

And finally, where is your favourite place in the world to travel to for a family holiday?

I am very fortunate to have been to lots of beautiful places. I don't take that for granted and know I am lucky. As a family we love Barbados, the beaches are beautiful and the people are so nice. Recently, me and Wayne went to Mykonos, Greece which we absolutely loved, such a good vibe going on there.

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