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Get The Look: Boys Urban Clothing

by Team Kathryns 10 Sep 2020

Urban clothes are fun, expressive and the ultimate in cool. Boys streetwear has its roots in the hip-hop sub-culture and is famed for its bold prints, overshirts, designer trainers, and hats.

More recently, kids urban clothing has taken inspiration from the skateboarding community, with easy-to-wear, practical clothes that blend colour, style, and a touch of rebellion to reflect what is happening on the streets.

In 2020, boys urban clothing is one of the leading fashion trends, with ‘90s vibes making a strong comeback alongside modern influences and playful attitude. Today, we give you tips on how to create this look, from a selection of functional, yet comfortable sportswear.

The kids’ streetwear trend

The street-inspired style of boys urban clothing that was once reserved for skater kids, has been revived with the Eighties and Nineties trends making a big comeback this season. The blend of retro and modern expressed through kids streetwear is gaining traction due to strong influences from popular shows such as ‘Stranger Things’, bringing retro-American style back to the limelight.

The 1980s began the urban streetwear fashion scene with a blur of colour, graphic prints, and over the top mix and match trends. Today’s kid’s urban clothes can be seen expressing these accents, but with a more refined and modern touch.

The urban kid’s streetwear fashion scene has certainly stood the test of time and has been reinvented for the new generation. Next, we check out what makes the ideal urban boys outfit, using a blend of kid’s streetwear trends and a few touches of our own...

Boy wearing fashionable urban clothes

Skinny jeans, chinos, and shorts

The coolest kids wear shorts all year round, from hardwearing denim to these loose, casual shorts from Billy Bandit, which echo the boy’s streetwear trend that adventurous kids love. Team with long socks in the winter months for additional warmth—and a twist of individuality.

Skinny jeans are no longer just for girls! The boy’s urban scene has stolen the trend, with the drainpipe-style stretchy material offering comfort and flexibility when pulling off skateboard stunts in the park. Our range of jeans has a choice of blue hues, black and stylishly ripped options.

If you want your trendsetter to look a little smarter for a special occasion, then consider Chinos. A stone coloured pair of cargo-style Chinos will ooze cool—whilst giving a more dressy feel to the streetwear trend.


Bold prints, graphic tees and overshirts

No boys urban clothing look is complete without a statement t-shirt with a bold print. We particularly love this long-sleeved Kenzo Kids tiger tee, which combines bright colours with a little bit of street rebel attitude—or this Fendi graffiti-inspired short-sleeved t-shirt that has a Banksy-esque feel that’s perfect for the streets.

Overshirts and hoodies are a ‘must-have’ for anyone serious about following the kids urban clothing trend. We have a wide range of new season hoodies from brands including Boss, The Marc Jacobs, and DKNY that will keep your young rebel snug and warm, whilst giving them the edgy streetwear fashion that they love.

fashion kid with afro on stool urban outfit style

Trainers, hats, and bags

Trainers are the top fashion accessory when it comes to kids streetwear style. As an independent stockist of trainers from designer kids brands such as Fendi, Paul Smith Junior, and Lanvin, we’ve got some new season styles to impress the skateboard generation.

Retro hip-hop stars such as Run DMC set the benchmark for urban trainers, so ‘Walk This Way’ with these 80’s inspired black suede shoes from Lanvin.

The boys streetwear-style would not be complete without the right accessories.  Beanie hats and caps emblazoned with a designer logo are cool enough for young fashionistas, whilst practical enough to keep them warm as the cold winter nights draw in.  Caps are also an ideal way of keeping messy hair in place because every skater boy knows that long hair is beyond cool! 

Every urban boy’s outfit needs somewhere to store his belongings and this Marc Jacobs backpack with adjustable shoulder straps is ideal to store snacks, drinks, and a phone, whilst still making an urban style statement.

cool kid wearing fashion sunglasses

Boys will be boys….

Let your boys express themselves with the kid’s streetwear trend that is as practical and functional as it is cool.  The Kathryns team strive to provide the latest in urban designer kids wear that is hard-wearing yet the ultimate in style.

Boys will be boys…. So, kit them out in in the urban clothing style they love, with designer children’s clothing that suits every occasion from chilled out everyday wear to stylish occasion wear.

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