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Who are the Most Popular Kidswear Designers in the UK Today?

by Team Kathryns 14 Apr 2022

The world of fashion consists of many brands and designers all competing with each other for popularity, and children's fashion is no different.

In a recent survey, 94% of women said they spent more money on their children's wardrobes than on their own, and parents spent an average of £1,677 per year on children's clothing.

As the designer childrenswear market is huge with many brands wanting to be the biggest and most popular brand, competition can be fierce and finding out who is currently on top can be challenging to decide.

That’s why Kathryns have looked into Google search data to find out which is brand is currently the most searched for, and therefore the most popular brand in the UK today.

Most Popular UK Kidswear Brands Infographic


The most popular childrenswear designers in the UK

5. Kenzo

2,600 searches per month

kenzo kids searches

Coming in at 5th place, Kenzo is one of the most popular designer childrenswear brands in the UK.


Google search data shows that people in the UK search for ‘Kenzo Kids’ around 2,600 times per month, meaning it’s the 5th most popular kidswear brand in the UK.


Kenzo is a French designer brand, but was actually founded by a Japanese designer by the name of Kenzo Takada in 1970.


Kenzo’s kidswear range offers a wide range of children's clothing items and accessories, from t-shirts, socks and baby strollers. Their urban designs means their items are perfect for children of all ages, as well as clothing for both boys and girls.

4. Hugo Boss

3,500 searches per month

hugo boss kids searches

The 4th most popular designer kidswear brand in the UK is currently Hugo Boss, as ‘Hugo Boss Kids’ was searched for on average 3,500 a month.


Hugo Boss kidswear offers a wide selection of designer clothing for children of all ages. Popular with adults for their classic suits, their transition to children's clothing ensures all fashion bases are covered, offering a range of suits, t-shirts and shorts, as well as essential accessories such as strollers and bags.


Their iconic ‘BOSS’ branding across their popular items makes Hugo Boss a favourite with British parents, as their range helps turn the Countries little ones into young high-street models.

3. Ralph Lauren

3,600 searches per month

ralph lauren kids searches

Ralph Lauren is currently the 3rd most popular childrenswear designer in the UK today, with 3,600 searches month on Google UK for ‘Ralph Lauren Kids’.


Ralph Lauren offer a range of clothing and styles for both adults and children, as the American brand is one of the most popular designers in the UK. You’ll never have to be out in the streets for too long to notice someone wearing a Ralph Lauren polo, whether that be an adult or a child, as the iconic item is a staple of many wardrobes.


It therefore makes sense why it’s 3rd in our list of most searched for kidswear brands in the UK. Many adults want to collect matching clothing with their children, and matching Ralph Lauren polo’s is a fashionable way to do just that.

2. Fendi

4,000 searches per month

fendi kids searches

Fendi is a luxury, Italian designer brand that was founded in Rome, almost 100 years ago. As well as producing high fashion clothing for adults, Fendi is also one of the most popular kidswear brands in the UK, with 4,000 searches per month on Google GB for ‘Fendi Kids’.


Fendi kids offers stylish clothing and accessories for children, including coats, shirts, jackets, strollers and more. Their unique branding certainly stands out from other designers in the market, as their classic ‘FF’ and ‘eyes’ prints catch the attention of many.


One of the reasons Fendi kidswear is so popular, is due to them being one of the few luxury designers to feature grown-up and children's designs alongside each other, meaning mini-me outfits and individual styles are easy to capture whilst wearing Fendi.


Using the best materials and finest fabrics, quality is always assured with Fendi children's clothing, meaning there’s no wonder why its one of the favourite children’s fashion labels in the UK.

1. Gucci

4,300 searches per month

gucci kids searches

It’s official. The most popular designer children's brand in the UK is Gucci.


Pipping Fendi to 1st place by 300 searches per month, ‘Gucci Kids’ is searched for in the UK 4,300 times a month, with parents obviously loving the items Gucci has to offer.


Founded in 1921 by Guccio Gucci, the designer is famous for their iconic prints and styling, along with the instantly-recognisable GG logo that’s consistent across some of their most popular items.


The designer Italian brand continues to bring their statement items to the world of kids fashion year-on-year, with designer accessories, tops and bottoms for girls and boys of all ages.


The brands rising in popularity are…

As well as highlighting the most popular brands right now in the UK, there are also some hot brands that have seen an explosive increase in popularity over the past year.

Phi Clothing

+50% increased popularity compared to last year


Phil Clothing is a Portuguese designer clothing brand founded only in 2013. In contrast to the large brands that make up the most popular children's designers in the UK, Phi Clothing only currently create designer clothing for girls and babies.


Phi stands out from the crowd by specialising in luxurious lace and pretty bows, designing items that are perfect for special occasions such as weddings and birthdays.


Due to their niche, Phi Clothing has seen a surge in popularity, with 50% more searches for the brand compared to the previous year, indicating that new coming brands are finding much more success by specialising in a specific area of childrens fashion.


+129% increased popularity compared to last year


Simonetta kids clothing has had a huge surge in popularity over the past 12 months, with average number of month searches more than doubling for the brand.


Created in the 1950’s by Mary Mazzarini Stronati, the luxury designer grew from a small tailor from a medieval Italian town into a worldwide name.


Solely creating designer children's clothing for girls, Simonetta gas again benefitted from sticking to a niche industry, similarly to Phi Clothing.


Their range covers everything a young girl requires in her wardrobe, from t-shirts, jackets, leggings and shoes.


Watch this space to see if Simonetta continues to grown throughout 2022 and beyond.

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